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  • وضع الفندق / النظافة 7.2
  • المرافق 7.4
  • الموقع 7.7
  • الراحة / المستوى 7.4
  • طاقم العمل 7.5
  • المستوى مقارنة بالسعر 7.3
  • الطعام / العشاء 7.2

Saudi Arabia
04 سبتمبر 2013
الغرفه والبهو

6.3 sami A.
Saudi Arabia
03 أغسطس 2011
موقع مميز من ناحية التسوق ,وخدمة جيدة
ارتفاع اسعار طلبات الغرف
يميز هذا الفندق القرب من السوق ,ومن بعض الاماكن المميزة في المنطقة,قديم بعض الشيء من ناحية ديكور الغرف,لاكن الموضفون في غاية الادب والاحترام ,ارتفاع سعر طلبات الغرف ,

10 Riza B.
30 مايو 2016
best hotel
accommodating staff

8.8 James P.
United States of America
30 مايو 2016

6.8 John L.
United Kingdom
30 مايو 2016
Bath didn't drain
The bath drain was blocked. Showered in ankle deep murky water (Room 820).

10 waleed M.
Saudi Arabia
29 مايو 2016

8.8 maria T.
30 مايو 2016
Its good for me

9.2 Dorefel B.
26 مايو 2016
Good service, well maintained inspite this is quit
Location is near malls, BSP, fast food chains and airport. What good in our booking is that they upgraded our room from superior to deluxe for they are fully occupied. This is good for advance booking in agoda.

8.4 Rosaly A.
26 مايو 2016
Convenient for Family Swimming
Swimming pool is very convenient for families with small children

30 مايو 2016
Disappointing (executive club room - 8th floor)
Cons:For a pricey room, the water closet is surprisingly similar to those in public toilets (no tank and flush lever is at the lower back portion). No bidet. No permanent shower head but just the hand-held type. If you place the head on its cradle which is located almost near the ceiling (I have to stand on the side of the tub to fix the head), water won't hit your head -I'm 5"4- but would hit the wall instead so this is highly inconvenient. The spring bed, king size but they call it queen (72x75) is an old model that every single movement from your partner would practically shake the whole bed! ( I called it the like water bed effect) . Buffet breakfast has a lot of selections but some are a bit weird; seashells and broccoli for breakfast, really? Taxi cabs are pretty hard to come by as well. Pros: Executive lounge located on same floor where assorted food and beverages are being served for free to its 8th floor tenants. Security is ok. Employees are accomodating and alert.